Traditional Picture framing encompasses a wide variety of framing techniques and design scope, leaving our clients with an endless variety of framing combinations capable of fulfilling the wildest imagination.

We  have one of the largest selection of frames on offer ranging from dramatic gilded frames to simple budget frames.

 Colour Mount Boards

In traditional picture framing Colour Mount Boards also referred to as Passe – Partout’s or Mat boards are commonly used. The Purpose of a mount board is two-fold, one to protect the image from touching the glass and secondly to visually enhance the picture by bringing elements of complimentary colour and design harmony within the art work.

Our extensive variety of colour mount boards empowers us to bring the imaginative to life balancing both the picture and frame.

Mount Slips

Mount slips aid in providing a decorative lining inside the aperture of the mount thus bringing an added design element. In most cases the slip aims to complement the frame chosen.

Floating Frames

Floating Frames colloquially referred to as double glass framing, is a framing technique in which the image is sandwiched between two pieces of glass thus giving an illusion that the picture is floating in thin air.

This is chic and unconventional method of framing and is perfect if you wish to highlight the natural wall colour or background. This framing design works very well in a modern environment.

Clear Glass VS Non Reflective Glass

Non Reflective glass is ideally used in certificates or text based prints in order to prevent a reflective glare from natural sunlight thus allowing for the text or printed image to be clearly legible in natural sunlight.

Clear Glass is used in prints of fine quality offering a greater clarity which aims to enhance the image resolution allowing for crisp image visibility and works well in areas that do not attract a lot of natural sunlight.

We provide our traditional picture framing services to South Africa’s leading  artists we ship beautifully curated framed art throughout South Africa as part of our service offering.